A bit of a rush

Sums up the start of the day…

Alarm fail this morning – the first thing I knew was that it was 8.10am and Flo has to be in school by 8.20.

She was a little late!

This has never happened before, I have never overslept of a school morning.    She did only miss assembly and her teacher laughed a lot when she brought the class out of assembly and found us standing, somewhat sheepishly, in the corridor.

I am sure I set the alarm last night – I have no memory of it going off and me switching it off but I guess I must have done.

In the whole scheme of things this morning, a minor transgression.

I made sure Flo still had some breakfast before we left but I passed on mine.   Just glad I didn’t have to be anywhere for work this morning.

Trouble with oversleeping is that you feel like you are playing catch-up all day.

Anyway, have a good day all.



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