Old and tatty

Not me…

The photo below is of a tea towel I have – and as you can see it is decidedly tatty.   It really is ready to be chucked – but maybe I could cut it up in to dusters?

Why the big deal over a tea towel?   Well, just because it is pretty old.  It is one of several my mother gave to me 29 years ago when I left home at the age of 18.  She had had it for a few years already.  It was part of a box of ‘stuff” that was packed up when I left home to study and work at 18.    I always liked this tea towel as I thought the strawberries were so pretty.    It has dried a lot of dishes.

But there are a lot of holes in it now so it might be time to let it go.   A bit odd, I admit, that I am so reluctant to part with it.

Funny the things we get sentimental over…



6 thoughts on “Old and tatty

    1. I don’t do a lot of patchwork – I have a hexi-quilt on the go that I have been making for about 12 years! But your suggesting did make me think about what I could do with the bits of it that are still okay and I thought maybe little lavender bags for the linen cupboard etc.


  1. You definitely need to make something with it as it holds so many fond memories for you. Lavender bags sound ideal. The pattern is really good considering how old it is. xx


  2. It is funny the things we just can’t let go. I’m just fixing a couple of holes in some jim jam bottoms that I love. I’d stashed them in a cupboard to use for my hexy quilt, but when I found them again last week I thought ‘no, I really like them too much’. So I’m trying to patch them up where a couple of rips had formed. Stupid really, they cost £5 from Primark years ago, but I just love them too much to ditch. x


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