There is a lot of it being used at the moment in this house.

Sunday saw the paddling pool being filled and then there was the water fight with the hosepipe.   Luckily we are not on a water meter here and I am normally very good at not wasting water.   And I did use the water from the paddling pool to water the garden at the end of the day.

I am also averaging three showers a day in this heat!

I know lots of people struggle to sleep when it is really hot at night but that is one thing I don’t have a problem with.   Oddly, until I had Flo I suffered from quite bad insomnia, a thing of the past since she was born nine years ago.

This heat is also quite good for the waistline as food is one thing I really don’t want when it is very hot – meal times have been mostly bowls of fresh fruit.    But, I wont be sorry when it gets a bit cooler!

Have a good day everyone.


5 thoughts on “Water

  1. One of my water butts is almost empty but the other one is good for a couple of days. We are not on a meter either so if i have to use the outside tap then I don’t mind too much but I try hard not to. We have been lucky enough to go to the beach after school a couple of times and are heading there tomorrow with pork butties to celebrate my eldest coming home from a three day trip to Cardiff with school.


  2. I dread to see our water bill. I’ve filled, emptied, cleaned the paddling pool a million times. I always take advantage of very hot weather to wash curtains and quilts, so that uses up more. Bill watered the front garden the other night. And then there’s the Every Day use. The year before last we had the most shocking bill ever, and challenged it. Had them come out to look at the meter, but apparently it was quite correct. We’d filled up one of those very large pools that year, emptying and refilling once or twice, so that must have been the culprit. And Bill used the power washer to wash the path and driveway.
    Even though I know we haven’t used a massive amount, I am still not looking forward to that bill dropping through the letterbox! x


  3. Thankfully we’re not on a water meter either but I try not to waste it and I’ve also watered the garden several nights from the paddling pool which makes me feel better. Plus it’s good for the waistline all that bending down to fill up the jug. It’s surprising how much water an average sized pool can hold, I bet a lot of people don’t realise how much water is actually running down the plug hole.

    Its been cool here for the past couple of days and today it’s raining which has scuppered my plans to go strawberry picking. Never mind. xx


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