Lucky finds

I do love a bit of luck in the charity shop.



£1.00 each and in immaculate condition – I don’t think they have been read.

Lucky me.

Lovely morning had teaching Bleak House and then  these finds in the charity shop on the way home.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I need to get some cleaning done tonight I would worry that the day was going too well!

Have a good day.


4 thoughts on “Lucky finds

  1. Death of a busybody was good – enjoyed that. Family matters was dreadful! But only my humble opinion!. Mine were both from library – you were lucky to find those in charity shop. I scan the shelves for them and Persephones now, especially as the library haven’t got all the BLCC in stock.


    1. It was a lucky find so if I find that Family Matters is dreadful too it wont be so bad. Oddly, to date, I have had more luck finding Persephones in the charity shop than I have BLCC books but that was because before Christmas the local Oxfam were given a whole run. I bought several and OH got me lots too.


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