It’s got to be done.

I may have mentioned on here  before that I really don’t like gardening.

I do appreciate a lovely garden, love to see flowers growing but if I had the money I would have a gardener before I would have a cleaner.    For me it is like outside housework and you have to do most of it in the summer when it is hot!

However, all the shrubs and bushes in the back garden had got very wild and some major cutting back was needed.   So today I got up early and was out there by 7.30 and done by 10am.  Even so I was still very hot and bothered by the end but did reward myself with a nice soak in the bath.    There is always a plus…

It will take several runs to the tip in the morning to get rid of all that was cut back but it wont need doing again for a while.


Have a good weekend.


4 thoughts on “It’s got to be done.

  1. I agree. Gardening is like doing housework and I’m not overly keen on doing anything other than planting a few tubs up in spring that I can just sit back and enjoy in summer. Bet you feel better for cutting everything back though don’t you. A good mornings work by the looks of it. xx


    1. Yes, I always do a few tubs, any more than that doesn’t really interest me but I do admire those who do garden with enthusiasm, especially growing all their own fruit and veg. It was a lot of work, hard to get a photo of all that was cut down but we did fill the car boot four times over in trips to the waste/recycle centre this morning.


    1. I expect Bill would look in horror at the amount of ‘hacking’ I did – there is no other word for it – total lack of finesse I just cut back as much as possible so I don’t have to do it again for a while!


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