A little bit of making

Apologies for the rubbish photo…


Flo and I made some peanut butter today.   Surprisingly easy and surprisingly good.  We thought we would only make a small amount at first, just in case…

Taste testing has proven it to be a worthwhile endeavour so we will make more next time.

Flo is now in the second full week of her long summer holiday.   We are not having a proper family holiday until October (she gets two weeks for the autumn half term) but Flo and I are going on a city break in a week or so up to Edinburgh for five days.  OH stays at home.

I am very much looking forward to our mother/daughter break, she is fantastic company and is really excited about the trip too.

She had a super end to the term earning the Year 4 Wyvern Prize for ‘Academic excellence and all round contribution to the school’ at the speech day on the final day of term.   She got this prize last year as well after her first year at the school.  We are super proud of her.

At that age the most I had ever been awarded was Brownie of the Year prize in 1979.  And that was Brownie of the Year for my pack,  not the country, the county or even the town, just my small Brownie pack!

Back soon x



6 thoughts on “A little bit of making

  1. Well done to Flo – you have every right to be super proud of her. Your trip to Edinburgh sounds good. We really enjoyed our couple of days there and the Royal Yacht Britannia was definitely worth a visit. Enjoy the holidays. xx


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