That was longer than expected.

It has been nearly three week since I blogged – just as I thought I was getting back in to the swing of things…

What has happened?  Well the school holidays continue, I am working quite a bit but making sure Flo and I have plenty of time for fun stuff too.

Flo and I were in Edinburgh last week for the week and had a great time.    We were with my brother and his family.     I haven’t been to Edinburgh for years, and it is such a great city but so busy.  I used to, back in my free and single days, go up each year with a group of friends for the Fringe Festival when Edinburgh is at its absolute busiest, and I am wondering now how I used to put up with the crowds because I found last week busy and it wasn’t  quite at its peak.   Age I guess…!

I made bread yesterday, a heavily seeded wholemeal loaf , it has been ages since I’ve made bread too.

A couple of slices did very nicely for lunch today (with ham, eggs, a little bit of rocket and smashed avocado – oink).




7 thoughts on “That was longer than expected.

  1. I love making bread. I cheat and use a breadmaker, but that means I can make it throughout the week and we don’t ever buy bread. In fact I can smell it now! Anything on fresh bread is good, but you have made me want eggs now!


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