Enough already …

Of the football.

For three years and 11 months OH can be largely indifferent to the appeal of 22 men kicking a ball around a pitch but the World Cup – woo hoo!

Who knew that seven matches over one weekend could be so captivating.

I didn’t – and still don’t.

And it’s really only just started – another month of this?!  My sanity…

For the most part I am happy being a one TV household but this weekend made me rethink that a little.

Still my study is looking very tidy and I got lots of reading done so it is a win – win really.

Anybody else wishing football had never been invented?



It’s hard to know where to start after such a long absence.

There was no drama, just life/work got exceptionally busy and every time my laptop updated it wiped all my settings and so I just didn’t get back in to blogging.   I have missed it though.

I have also missed commenting on other blogs that I like to read but I have had all sorts of problems logging in so I need to address that next.

Quite a lot going on which I do plan to blog about over coming weeks but for now just a hello to anyone who might still occasionally look in!