Hot, hot, hot!

It certainly was today.     Had several hours in the sun this afternoon as it was small person’s school sports day.   I’m the sort of person who prefers shade on a sunny day – I’m happy to be outside as long as there is a bit of shade.  There is no shade on the school field so I was plastered in sun cream and had a hat on – red hair and fair skin mean that I am not naturally suited to the sun!
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It is growing….

A very quick post tonight as it is a night for a ‘small person and mummy sleepover’. Once in a while small person likes to have a ‘sleepover’ – what this means is that she and I sleep in the big double bed in the spare room, with me going to bed the same time as her. We read stories and snuggle down for a ‘sleepover’, so I am frantically typing this while she is finishing off her bath – which OH is in charge of tonight. Continue reading