That was Halloween … and some menu planning

We had a great Halloween, small person had a party to attend in the afternoon and then she went trick or treating with OH for a little while when she got home.
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Its beginning to look a lot like……Halloween!

Okay. I realise that Halloween is not until Saturday but small person wanted to put up the Halloween decorations yesterday as she is off now for half term and wants to make the most of them.
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Halloween makes

Halloween can be controversial – many argue that it is a nasty American import but if you have children and they get caught up in the fun of it, it can be an excuse for some fun crafting. Making Jack O’ Lanterns out of fresh pumpkins is great fun but if you want a lot of pumpkins to decorate you house at Halloween, and there is a limit to how much pumpkin soup you want to eat, then knitted pumpkins are the way forward!  Continue reading