I am a very poor blogger at the moment.

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A short absence and some ‘Frozen’ party pictures


I haven’t been here for a week or so – life just rather caught up with me and I didn’t have time to post anything.    Things are a little less chaotic now so I thought I would post a few pictures from the Frozen party which happened on Saturday. Continue reading

Costume planning and snowflake making

Yesterday and today have, thankfully, been uneventful, after our car prang on Thursday and subsequent trip to A&E, uneventful is good.

Today, other than routine domestic stuff I have been making more of these:


for the Frozen themed party which is now just a week away.

I have also bought the fabric needed for small person’s world book day costume, world book day is in just under two weeks, so as soon as the party is out of the way I need to turn this:


into a costume that resembles what Freya the Friday fairy wears:

Freya the Friday Fairy (Fun Day Fairies Series)

It has been a while since I have had chance to get the sewing machine out so it will be nice to get creative with the machine – and watching the Great British Sewing Bee has got me itching to get sewing again.

Making snowflakes

As the mother of a nearly 7 year old girl I have come to accept that you cannot fight the power of ‘Frozen’!    Small person saw it at the cinema soon after it came out but it was only when she got a copy on DVD last summer that it really gripped her, as it has gripped so many small children.

It is her birthday soon and she decided at Christmas that she would like a ‘Frozen’ themed birthday party.   Last year she had a pirate party and for a while I thought she was heading for a Lego party for her 7th but it is to be ‘Frozen’.     We always have her party at home so I am busy making decorations (and buying a few bits) to give the place a ‘Frozen’ feel, and planning games that can have a vaguely ‘Frozen’ theme to them so that all the Elsa’s, Anna’s and Kristoff’s who are coming will have a good time.

Over the last day or so I have been busy, in odd moments, making snowflakes:


These will be dangling from the ceiling in the sitting room and dining room, dangling at windows, I’m hoping they will be effective.

I will be making more over the coming days, it has been a very relaxing crafting exercise.