A little sewing

I have managed to spend a little time at the sewing machine this week.

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A Cat becomes a witch

Lots of sewing machine activity today, the requested cat costume became a witch costume.

Small person decided that she didn’t want to wear the cat mask – she has never really liked wearing masks in dress-up, doesn’t even like having her face painted so I was surprised when she asked for the cat mask and tail.

I agreed to the costume change as it was at least requested before I started making the cat costume but after I had bought the material.   I had a rummage in the stash and found some nice dark purple material of the same type as the black and so worked out that I would have enough fabric to make the new costume.   Also one of the witches hats we have is black with a purple band so it will go fine with that.

Didn’t quite get it finished as also had to clean up the house as we have visitors coming tomorrow,

Blogging is more of a challenge in the school holidays so apologies for a rather dull post.