Where did the last few days go?

I don’t seem to have got near my laptop for the last few days.

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Back on track with some plans for things to make

I’ve not managed to blog for a couple of days – Thursday and Friday were both busy days, work, marking, housework and no making of anything at all – even dinners were simple and not worthy of a blog post.

Today I am back on track a little.   Small person has been wearing her favourite blue knitted hat, scarf and glove set to school for a few weeks now but today was really the first cold weekend day we have had so we had a trying-on session of her  non-school woollies.   One set knitted last year was still a good fit but a set from the year before was a bit too small.   As we were heading in to town I asked her if she would like me to make her a new set and in what colour and she decided purple. Continue reading