I have been plodding on with my scrappy crochet blanket and it is growing steadily.

It is not particularly beautiful, although the colours do seem to be working well together, most important it will help to keep someone warm in the winter.

However, I did have a little bit of a wander around blogland today and found some really beautiful crochet out there.  I should try to be more adventurous and not fall back on the quick and simple all the time.   I think, in my defence, I tend to do crochet or knitting quite late in the evening, for an hour or so before bed, and at that point in the day, when I am really tired, quick and simple is all I feel up to – a rather lame excuse I know but…..

On my blog travels today I did find this:

These hanger covers are really pretty and I think I could probably managed to have a go at some of these.  There is a lot of other lovely crochet on this blog too.

I also found:

What beautiful crochet here!

All makes my scrappy blanket look rather sad – but will hopefully inspire me to try and challenge myself a little every once in a while.

What blogs have inspired you?


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