We are in the new house – all is chaos, but when everything is unpacked we will have lots more space – hurrah!

There will be a few photos – when I have found the cable that connects the camera to the laptop.

We wont have internet and phone for another week (currently using OHs phone).

Flo has coped with the move really well and the cats love having lots of stairs to run up and down, a bigger garden to explore and more rooms to chase each other in and out of.

I’d like the unpacking fairies to make an appearance – wishful thinking…



All is chaos

We are on the move again – this bungalow is just too small.   To add to the chaos TALK TALK have messed up – surprise surprise – and cut off our internet and telephone immediately rather than on the day before we move.   They acknowledge they have made a mistake but say they can’t do anything to fix it and if I cancel my contract with them (which they have surely broken by failing to supply telephone and internet) I will have to pay a cancellation fee – we will see about that!

Now having to use OHs phone for all internet activity so my blogging will be random and sparse until we are all good to go in the new house.

I do hope some of you will stick with me!

Presently surrounded my boxes and disorder!

I hope you all had a good Bank Holiday weekend.