Sort of ‘butter pie’

I tried a new recipe for dinner tonight.

We saw a bit of a tv cookery programme the other week, Brian Turner making food for a celebrity that brought back memories of their childhood, or something like that.  We only caught a bit of it.

Brian Turner was making a variation on a traditional Butter Pie – a Lancashire dish of potatoes and onion in pastry.   A very economical dish, Brian Turner’s twist was to add corned beef.

OH thought this sounded like a great idea for a pie (I have to confess I wasn’t so sure).  Anyway OH mentioned this a few times since we saw it and so I put it on the menu plan for the week.   I cant remember ever having bought a tin of corned beef before but I picked one up when I did the grocery shopping last Friday and today it was Corned Beef Butter Pie for dinner.


Pastry:  300g plain four;  150g lard

While the pastry was resting in the fridge I made the filling.

I finely chopped one red and one white onion and softened them in a pan (in a little butter).

While they were cooking I sliced three medium sized potatoes (quite thin slices).   Once the onions were done I removed them from the pan and gave the potato slices  a few minutes in the pan (I had to do these in batches but it didn’t take long as I only gave each batch a few minutes just to add some colour to the potato).

I opened the corned beef (tricky) and cut the block in to slices.

I lined the pie dish with pastry and then layered the onion, potato and corned beef, topped with the pastry lid, quick brush of milk to glaze and cooked the pie at 190 for 40 minutes.

Despite my reservations this proved to be really tasty and was enjoyed by all three of us – we had it with baked beans – get us, so sophisticated!

We will definitely be having this again – I take back everything I might ever have said against corned beef in the past!







I hope you are all having a good week.

Until tomorrow…




2 thoughts on “Sort of ‘butter pie’

  1. I always have a tin of corned beef in. My youngest loves me to make a big pan of hash and he likes the left overs to be used in pasties! Last night however, using similar ingredients to you but in a different way, we had corned beef pie!

    Slice and soften a large onion
    Add diced carrots and soften
    Add a tin of corned beef diced
    Crumble over two oxo
    Add boiling water
    Cook 15 mins until carrots are done
    Add some cornflour slake/gravy granules to thicken slightly
    Add ‘some’ frozen peas now if you want.
    Pour into a cottage pie dish.

    Meanwhile boil a big pain of spuds
    Mash with plenty of butter and black pepper ( or how you like it )

    Top the beef mixture and pop into oven till potatoes are golden brown

    Serve with beans – tinned or green
    Or serve with whatever you want!

    It’s a brilliant filling tasty store cupboard tea!!

    I’m def going to try your version of pie xx


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