Menu planning

I still rely on a weekly menu plan, it helps me to plan my supermarket shopping list sensibly with the knowledge that I have taken stock of cupboards, fridge and freezer and it is much easier to sit in a relaxed fashion and plan the meals for the week ahead rather than panic on a daily basis and resort to pasta 7 nights a week!

Our plan for this week was/is

Sunday:   Beefy goodness casserole with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and vegetables (there was enough casserole left to make a pie so that is now in the freezer for another day)

Monday:   Homemade lasagne

Tuesday:   Steamed white fish, vegetables, mash and parsley sauce

Wednesday:  Tuna pasta bake

Thursday:  Homemade soup and bread (carrot and coriander this week)

Friday:  Chip night – homemade – of course.

All good food but no new, exciting dishes that will be worth putting a recipe up for.  I  must get back in to the habit of trying to make one or two new dishes a week.   It is nice to blog about new ideas and it is easy to get stuck in a rut with menu planning and fall back on old favourites all the time.

I hope the working week has started well for you all.

Until tomorrow…




2 thoughts on “Menu planning

  1. Nom nom, parlsey sauce! I should make more chips of our own as we have started buying a big sack of spuds from Aldi and they really last us. I always plan my meals, too, and keep a list of what i have in the freezer. We are on a bit of an economy drive at the moment, trying to put a few savings into the bank after the festive season we enjoyed so much. I sit down with my recipe books etc every month or so and look for something new and a bit different. Now the boys are older it makes it easier to try new things.x


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