That venerable institution is quite a force to be reckoned with in the small village I now live in.  I know it is a force to be reckoned with in lots of places but never one in which I have lived before.

I have been asked by several of my new neighbours if I will be joining but have not made up my mind yet – I avoid an absolute yes or no by saying that I can’t rely on OH getting home from work in time for me to attend the monthly meetings.

I am in no way anti-WI just not sure if it is for me.

I did come across this book in the charity shop recently:


It was a good, informative read.  I have read other books by this author, she is a good writer of social history.    Some fascinating figures in the early days of the organisation – hardly surprising considering what they achieved with the setting up of the WI.

I am not sure it has made any difference to my ability to make a decision over joining or not but I did enjoy learning a bit more about it!

Any WI ladies out there reading this blog?   What am I missing by not joining?

Until tomorrow…



6 thoughts on “WI

  1. I think I told you I had intended to go to the new members night at the beginning of this month but got my days mixed up. I, too, am unsure if I will join. I have looked at the list of events etc. they did last year and not sure I would have attended many of them. Also, I am, as you I think, a good 20 years younger than most of the ladies who already attend. I have no excuse/reason not to make the meetings as they are literally across the road from the house and Jon is home in plenty of time. I will go next month and see how I feel. I suppose I can just join in with anything that takes my fancy and leave the rest.


    1. The one here is full of very elderly ladies so it probably could do with some younger members, there is also one in a small town five miles away which is much ‘younger’ and have a programme of events which is varied and more appealing. I feel that, if I join at all, I should go to the local one as it is a two minute walk away. I might see if any of the other mums at school feel like it…


  2. Oops, meant to say I bought the same book for my mum as a present last year I think and regret not reading it first. The first ever WI was founded on the Isle of Anglesey, you probably know that from the book, and I think Welsh ladies are very proud of the fact!


  3. Always fancied myself as WI-er. The nearest one to me is Manchester City Centre though which I definitely wouldn’t put myself out to travel into. I’d go with a friend or if I’d been invited by somebody but wouldn’t fancy just turning up on my own. Also having come across cliques at church I wonder if the WI would also be like that. I’m probably best just sticking to making my own jam and cakes at home. xx


    1. It’s difficult isn’t it, I know I could just go along for one meeting and see what it is like but if, then, I don’t think it is for me I have to find a tactful way of saying why I didn’t return. This is a small village and you bump in to people all the time!


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