This photo is from just after Christmas in fact.


Christmas books from OH.   The secret to there being so many is that just a few weeks before Christmas I noticed the local Oxfam book shop had a big display of Persephone books in their window.  On enquiring they said that had been given virtually a whole run.  OH had asked my if I wanted a couple of Persephone books for Christmas prior to this, which I had, of course, said yes to.  I told him about the ones in Oxfam and said I would be more than happy to have them second hand.   I thought I  might get perhaps 3 instead of 2 but I got six.

There weren’t as cheap as second hand books can sometimes be but there were less than half price of Persephone books new and they are all immaculate and have the bookmarks.

I have only managed to read one of them so far – I have got a lot of teaching on this term which is requiring some re-reading of books and first time reading of new texts.  Hopefully come Easter I will be able to get stuck in to the Persephone pile!




4 thoughts on “Persephone

  1. Oh my goodness what a fabulous find! It’s not often you find things like that in charity shops. I don’t mind second hand books but the sort I mainly read can be bought just as cheaply from The Works as the charity shops. I’d definitely be willing to pay for Persephone though. xx


  2. Just a query about the bookmarks. I bought one and Mum bought 4 from Waterstones and none of them had bookmarks in – in fact we spent ages trying to find them, thinking it was hidden somewhere! Random question I know, but do you know if they should all have bookmarks in them? We’ve never bought any before so not sure. xx


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